What About New Month – The Purpose, Politics Or Pomposity?


By Taiye Olaniyi

Yes, we are in another month, the month of June which terminated the month of May especially May 29, but now rolling into June 12 which starts a unique and maiden celebration of what was, and still is, regarded the freest and fair elections in the democratic process of Nigeria.

Nigerians from mansions down into gutters of life are in most cases very religiously prayerful, and, never would forget to wish others well at the birth of a new month.

How purposeful, heartfelt or mere lip services the prayers and greetings at the birth of new things, days, weeks and months in others’ lives, remain inconclusive in speculations and conjectures but, our consciences the sole arbiter and just judgement.

Rudimentary inaugurations, administrations of “Oaths of Office” had previously been made on May 29, but now slated for June with the invocation for the first time the convocation of declaration of June 12 as now the “Democracy Day”.

The import of all these is how purposeful the hearts, minds and souls of the administrators of ” Oaths” the “Initiates” of the great “Oaths” and their sincerities and usual pledges to serve Nigeria with all the ” Strength, defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory” as they intoned, So help me God?

To be honest too many peculiarities and unimaginable discordant vibes have and daily tear into shreds the fabrics of the nation thus creating doubts as to whether or not desired change for true democracy can ever be practicable and attained in Nigeria of today and tomorrow.

How purposeful to hearts the spirit that once brought about June 12, 1993, and still the prefabrication that brought about its annulment?

Who, what and which is involved to bring about the how of realisation of June 12 for a desired true nationhood outside bickering of politics and associated political pomposities so ingrained in government, governance and the governed?

Yes, this month of June adjoins the holy month of Ramadan, but how pure the hearts of observers, well-wishers and spectators of governance in government, the opposition and us all proponents of a virile nation?

By the way what about the new month, what thoughts, words and deeds are we all imputing and infusing into it as surely the outputs to be harvested by us all in due course?

Note too, that “The present generation of Nigerians and even the upcoming ones have no other country to call their home, Nigeria belongs to all and we must all remain here to salvage it together”.

God Bless Nigeria.

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