Time To Rejig Nigeria | By Ibukun Idenobe Ayo


Since the return to quasi-democracy in Nigeria in 1999, there have been a lot of contentious issues emanating from the single document from which the country is been managed constitutionally. A lot of constitutional lawyers and other knowledgeable individuals have opined that the constitution was packages by a few individuals whose paramount interest is tilted towards the furtherance of the dominance by a section of the country hence it vests so much power in the central and so that section ensures that they are perpetually in power no minding whose ox is gored.

Until the administration of Buhari came on board in 2015, appointments into government offices have had a fairer distribution among the amalgamated regions that were forcefully lumped together in 1914. But with the coming of Buhari into power the other federating states and regions in the country have been made to realize that they could make do with whatever crumbs that are left for them or go to hell. And when the appointments are made there is always a section of the skewed constitution to back up the claim that the president has the power do so and go scot free with it.

While those favoured by this lopsided treatment feel that all is well and jubilating and lionizing, the rest of the country are licking their wounds and cursing themselves for helping to enthrone a character whose sole aim is to implement an ethnic agenda whether the country is razed down or not. Others who engineered the unholy alliance that threw up this monstrous apparition have been scheming how they could find their way to power and rectify whatever mistakes they may have made while fulfilling their personal ambitions.

Those who have always felt uncomfortable and sidelined in the mainstream have upped their agitation for succession and have taken it further than in former times by organizing what seems a ready army of agitated youths ready to sacrifice their lives for a cause they believe in especially with the recent dare devil invasion by strangers into their ancestral homes culminating in the loss of souls and the ravishing of womanhood.

Even regions that were natural allies to those who lay claim to blue blood have started feeling unsecured in the marriage and like the aforementioned above have had to contend with their people being harangued, kidnapped and slaughtered and the women raped and killed in farmlands.

As these are happening, the party which promised to secure the lives of the citizens in the first election that brought it to power has suddenly become mute. The principal actors who are bold enough to mutter unintelligible words are speaking in discordant tones all trying to explain away what is glaring to everyone and in some cases preferring solutions that are unrealistic and totally useless. In the meanatime, the principal beneficiary is silent and docile. A lot of conspiracy theorist have suggested that he is enjoying the fun and the hues and cries that come with such killings since the perpetrators are implementing an orchestrated plan for which he is seen as the last Mahdi.

Time is tickling away fast and it is becoming glaring that whatever seems to the tiny bond that held the fragile country together is snapping faster than we may know.

Those who have benefitted immensely from the benevolence of a united Nigeria are now calling on those who care to listen to stand up and save the country while it is still possible. They are expressing disgust at what the situation has turned out to be and warning of a looming disaster in the advent of war which seems to be so glaringly looming in the air. But the oppressors of the rest feel that the country’s forced unity is non-negotiable and that they are ready to go to war to force the rest to remain in the parasitic amalgam where the goose that lays the golden egg is not given whatever is due to it.
The rest of the country have to stay and watch as appointments into key sensitive positions are assigned to those favoured and in some cases individuals who have retired are recalled or those not eligible given double promotion and some people sacrificed at the altar of early retirement to pave way for the selected tribe.

Private businesses have had to be skewed to benefit individuals from certain parts of the amalgam so as ensure monopoly and help a section of the federation to rake up money for the unforeseen.

As anger well up in the land and the youths are becoming increasingly restless and frustrated all over, in the North by lack of education and social deprivation, in the West and East by unemployment after acquiring education, there is serious need to sit down and discuss Nigeria.

A lot of people have argued that the amalgamation of Nigeria was done without proper consultation with the indigenous people. I am sure that is true. If that was done the amalgamated tribes would have considered so many things before agreeing to the union. I am sure they would put on the table that no tribe should try to enslave the other, that no religion would be forced on anybody, that no section would wake up one that and claim that the ancestral land of one indigenous ethnic group now belongs to them. I am sure they would have asked that anyone crossing their land to another part must refrain from destroying the crops of the other person and also that no one would kill another person’s daughter, wife or even housemaid. And of course, none would have subscribed to the idea allowing his wife of daughter being raped and mutilated.

We have managed to tolerate each other’s excesses for too long. Our patience is not inelastic. It is about snapping and this is the right time to be more serious. We need to sit down and look for a peaceful way to part ways. We do not need to wait until we enter into full scale war before we all decide to do what is inevitable. My people say the crippled does not wait for war drums before embarking on an escape. We must rejig Nigeria now and the earlier we did that the better for all of us.

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