Scotland And Wales Move To Leave United Kingdom


What makes a White man different from a black man is his ability to fight for his freedom by any means necessary.

So in Nigeria (and other parts of Africa) we are fighting and killing each other to remain together in an artificial boundary created by United Kingdom, but the same UK left the EU to be on their own. And in the same UK people are fighting to gain their freedom from the Kingdom.

Read on!

The United Kingdom left the European Union so they can have control over their immigration and borders. They want to be free from the control of Brussels.

Now Scotland after their first attempt to leave the UK failednow pushing for a second referendum. Leaders of Scotland say that England has taken advantage of them for far too long. Scots argue that the natural resources in the UK are located in Scotland and yet England shows no regard to them.,

Also about 65% of Scots voted to remain in the EU but they can’t since the votes from England overwhelmed theirs. Now, they want to leave UK so they can join back EU.

Wales, after more than 800 years uthe nder English conquest wants to be free. They argue that they have lost their identity- only about 21% of the people of Wales can speak Welsh today while 100% of them speak English. They want to maintain their identity.

For sure, Scotland wilthehe eave UK sooner than later because they have the votes. Wales may tarry but eventually, they will succeed. Once they do, Northern Ireland will push to join their brother Republic of Ireland and England will be on their own.

Now to stop this from happening- Tony Blair and some Elder Statesmen and Women are pushing for RESTRUCTURING. Devolving of power from England to other Kingdoms. They are proposing a loose union where every Kingdom will be free to put their interests but they remain one in principle.

Is this not what we have been pushing for in Nigeria? Restructuring!!! Yet Northern Senators controlling the National Assembly threw it away.

Why don’t we a have sense in Nigeria to see what is coming? The world is tilting towards nationalism once agaThe restructuringring will calm the storm of division in Nigeria. Nigeria cannot function the way it is today. If Restructuring doesn’t happen or the process started from now till 2023 it will be too late.

Each ethnic nationality should vote for who will represent them in a National Negotiation Conference. Let us renegotiate the state of the union.

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