Prof Bakare Ojo Rasaki

Rasak Ojo Bakare: A Consummate Culture Ambassador


For the MEDIA HUB, meeting Rasak Ojo Bakare was simply fortuitous. If you choose to describe it as accidental, you would not be wrong also.

Meeting the 57 year-old, Aramoko-Ekiti born Cultural Ambassador from Ekiti State in Abuja – the day we met was least expected. The real least expectation lies in the way and manner this Cultural Ambassador extended his civility to the MEDIA HUB team. He comes across as well-cultured with the “Omoluabi” ethos, really effervescent and the effects were efficacious on us. He has a clear idea of what high office entails, as clearly demonstrated in the beauty of the suffocating humility that Rasak Ojo Bakare, has in abundance. He carries no airs around himself and he is assuredly accessible.

This light complexion, averagely- built Cultural Ambassador comes across as well polished, savvy with a warm disposition to a team he was meeting for the first time. He is not a misnomer for the office he holds.

When told that the MEDIA HUB would want him on the MIDAS PERSONALITY INTERVIEW Platform, his reply was prompt “Why not. Give me a call. Let’s fix it” -all with a smile. He said he was on his way to Ekiti and requested we should continue to talk.

Though, the MEDIA HUB interview with Bakare would come later, it is only fair we give you an insight into who this collosus is. Bakare grew up to love singing, dancing and following masquerades all over the place. His father wanted him to study Law. He would have none of that! He chose Theater Arts and got to the zenith of it all.

Apart from his enviable academic career, Bakare had a rare theater apprenticeship under two giants in the industry; Chiefs Jimoh Aliu and Hubert Ogunde – both deceased.

This member of National Academy of Letters is also the first Nigerian Scholar with the three fellowships in the field of Performing Arts in Nigeria: Fellow of Theater Arts (NANTAP), Fellow, Society of Nigeria Theatre Artisities and Fellow, Dance Guild of Nigeria.

He has anchored many Presidential inaugurations for Nigerian former Presidents: Jagunmolu – Chief Olusegun Obasanjo; Voyage – Alhaji Musa Yar`dua and Langbodo – Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

For the records, Bakare has lectured in 10 universities across Nigeria, one in the core North, two in the Middle Belt, three in the South West, two in the South East and one in the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja.

He eminently rose to the post of a professor in 2011 and was decorated along with 13 professional indigenes of Ekiti as Cultural Ambassador in recognition of his impact in Arts and Culture in Ekiti State. This titan of Cultural Affairs reveals more in the Platform Interview coming your way soon.

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