Oodua Youth Parliament Honours Ezeife

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Former Anambra State Governor, Okwadike (Dr.) Chukwuemeka Ezeife, was conferred with Mayegun (Iconic Progressive Pillar) of Oodua Youth Parliament, OYP, in Abuja over the weekend.

Presenting the award to Dr. Ezeife, Speaker of Oodua Youth Parliament, Ambassador Abdulmageed Oyeniyi, described him as the nation’s treasure, consistent and committed democrat and nationalist whose progressive ideas, ideals and deeds have positively impacted countless numbers of Nigerians, particularly the youth.

Commending him for his unflinching and undying support as well as campaigns for development, political inclusion of youth and their active participation in politics and political leadership of the country for her much anticipated greatness, Ambassador Oyeniyi called on the former ‘Super Permanent Secretary’ not to relent in his efforts to see Nigeria truly emerging Giant of Africa.

While assuring the elder-statesman that his group will always tow Dr. Ezeife’s political path of probity and integrity, the OYP leader remarked that their attraction to him is his unbendable belief in people-oriented and progressive leadership, equity and equality among stakeholders of the Nigeria Project as well as justice for all irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation.

In what looked like giving true expression to the popular Nigeria maxim of ‘Handshake across the Niger,’ Ambassador Oyeniyi revealed to the former Anambra State governor that apart from their presentation of award of Mayegun Oodua Youth Parliament to him, his group came to formally asked him to run for the presidency of Federal Republic of Nigeria. As he put it, in spite of his age, Dr. Ezeife, is the only leader from Southeastern Nigeria that OYP has decided to support against 2023, vehemently insisting that Igbo Presidency against 2023 “is non-negotiable”.

The occasion, which attracted many top Nigerians and longtime close political associates of Okwadike Ezeife, witnessed an outpouring of encomiums on him for his sterling leadership qualities, consistent progressive ideas on how to make truly Nigeria the giant of Africa as well as his life long fight for progressive governance for the common man, equality and justice for all Nigeria.

One of the dignitaries at the occasion, Barrister Ibrahim Koko-Umar Mainasara, who led the delegation that represented Professor Ango Abdullahi, leader of Northern Elders Forum, NEF, at the award conferment ceremony, commended the leadership of OYP for its vision for recognising Dr. Ezeife, a Nigerian leader he described as “living legend of selfless leadership for progressive Nigeria like the nation’s founding fathers.”

Also, supporting OYP that Nigeria is in dire need Dr. Ezeife to be at the centre at this very historical time for “impactful, responsive and responsible leadership”, Barrister Mainasara concluded that it is the lack of leaders like him with conscience, integrity and determination to serve the people selflessly that is the bane of Nigeria’s development, as well as main reason for massive corruption everywhere in the country.

Another dignitary at the occasion and former Minister of Education, Professor Ihechukwu Madubuike, similarly extolled the leadership qualities of the OYP award recipient. Making a remark at the award ceremony, Prof Madubuike advocated that Nigeria should go back to leadership training for youth leaders like in the pre-military era in Nigeria. According to him, most of the leaders with nationalistic and progressive inclinations like Dr. Ezeife had leadership trainings that roundly prepared them for the task of nation-building.

Also supporting OYP that Igbo President for Nigeria in 2023 is non-negotiable, the former Minister concluded that Igbo as true builders of Nigeria should be supported by all Nigerians to lead at the centre via next presidential election for equity and fairness as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution, particulary for speedy actualisation of the dream of great Nigeria by the country’s founding fathers and the global community.

Accepting the award from OYP and saying that he’s overwhelmed by the outpouring of encomiums on him at the occasion, Dr. Ezeife said that he felt elated that it (the award) came from a group of young Nigerians destined to be a part of the formidable forces to actualize the dream of Nigeria’s founding fathers and mothers for a great, just, progressive and super-power African country.

According to the former Anambra State governor, his entire life and fight for a just and progressive Nigeria has been underscored by his conviction that “Nigeria is a germ of a country designed by God for greatness and to raise the dignity of black people all over the world.”

However, he regrets that rather than fulfilling this God’s special assignment, the country has been generating shame to the entire black world because “conscience has left the Nigerians, saying that “with conscience gone, the entire country has been riddled with comprehensive corruption, particularly by self-serving Nigerian leaders.”

Finally, the former governor of Anambra State urged Oodua Youth Parliament to work with other young and progressive-minded Nigerians, Nigerian groups and leaders across ethnic and religious divides; for the country to achieve her destined black super power status in the world very soon.

Aligning with what he called “OYP’s noble course, courage and consistency” on non-negotiability of Igbo presidency for Nigeria in 2023, Dr. Ezeife told the group that he would be 85 years old in 2023 and it would be selfish for him to want to be a part of that political contest when there are hundreds and thousands of younger Igbo leaders who are well qualified to lead Nigeria to her golden age of all round development; promising to unravel this candidate to OYP, the nation and entire world at the right time very soon.

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