Of Politicians` Soup Licking And People’s Sorrow Heaping


By Taiye Olaniyi

I remembered as if it were yesterday, when folklores and folktales were means of imparting native wisdom by the elderly ones unto the children in particular. We used to call such method of child upbringing in folktales “Alo” as we intoned, ” Alo o, aalo. Alo mi leri furu gbaagbo, o leri……” , in a nutshell could be likened to the nursery/ primary school means of saying “Story, story, story. Once upon a time, time, time, time.”.

My lovely, godly, and motherly stepmother of grandmother age that time, late Momi Mariani Fariyike Olaniyi of blessed memories once told a story of the struggle for food by a python and brother tortoise, the latter in Yoruba folklores and folktales was so renowned for antics, gimmicks and abracadacra.

This day, it was the python that first came across a plate of food so drowned inside an ocean of soup and within a twinkling of an eye curled around it thus making it difficult for the tortoise to partake in the eating.

To pretend not being selfish, brother python kept inviting brother tortoise to come to eat but as soon as the tortoise attempted to to eat it’s legs usually touched the curled body of the python, then a sonorous and pathetic statement in regret, “Ijapa, mo si ni ki o wa jeun o si nte mi mo Le? “? That is, “Brother tortoise I kindly invited you to come to eat and now you are climbing and stepping on my body?”. Fellow Nigerians would join our comedians to say, “Cunny man die, cunny man bury am”.

Similar scenarios of this nature equally happened first, at one of the states in South-West Nigeria, our one and only country. A politician so argumentative and crusader of the masses, always provocative but on the part of the masses then, later was voted into the State Assembly and when the soup started flowing with sumptuous food laced with “Chicken feri feri” and crisp naira notes, became deaf and dumb on fighting for the masses.

When asked why being deaf and dumb shortly after he assumed office, the answer came in volcanic but truthful realities of politics amongst Nigerian politicians, ”

You people are daft and without table manners, do you expect that when one is eating he should at the same time be talking? “.

I think the guy, politician was right because as the saying goes, “Every human being is a born agitator, give him a pot of soup and he forgets his agitation”. True or false?

You are on your own.

Could you also remember an episode and a statement made by a deputy governor who served as a one time governor of a State also in the South West Nigeria both of Yoruba extractions each belonging to different political parties, the deputy in the mainstream party and the latter in a fringe opposition party.

When the latter was invited to serve on higher capacity because of his pedigree in a sane political management, excellence in public discourses and Shakespearian philosophical writing skills, when later, too critical of the Goliathic party, he was simply told “We invited you to come to eat and you are messing up everywhere. ”
Invariably his life was summarised by unknown murderers and to date, nothing is exhumed of who killed Alagba Bola Ige.

Hmmmmmmm Nigerian politicians and politics, politics and rigmaroles, politicking and callous killings everywhere.

Nigerians recently opted for change, either by hook, crook or by crook, both the old and new are now winning together in the same political skin of selfishness in gluttony.

The question is what hope for redefining the Nigeria nation from its current politico-economic brigandage and general atmosphere of despondency, agonies and sorrows?

Why hatred and suffering the masses always the reward of being on volition, ignorance and coercion politicians simply and heartlessly too, feed the masses with scorpions when are simply asking for ordinary baked beans to at least appease the roaring oesophagus out of general lack and hunger?

Why swear by holy books only to desecrate their sacred tenets because of mere mundane positions including emptiness associated with whatever power we are seeking which invariably are so earthly and maybe totally unheavenly?

How far with vehicles just bought severally for who and why renovate with billions for just assemblage of mere mortals? Why?

Politicians, why, why, why?

Politicians, Think, Think, Think.

All powers belong to God, is your yearning for power, earthly though to satisfy a penchant for the have of it, to serve or to sap?

Time will tell, Time will tell, Time will always tell.

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