Of Labour, Accidental Politician And Accidented Public Servants


By Taiye Olaniyi

Public governance under the auspices of public service usually brings about multiple injuries when there is that dominance of personalities in politics politicking with principles and safeguard of policies for continuity of public service policies.

A policy orientation in public service brings continuity to program activities and also leverages on changing time, types and tides resulting both in fortunes and/ or misfortunes in administration’s.

Moment crisis arise for whatever reasons they do, the resolve of generalities of public servants is to their various labour unions and associations.

This serves the major plank issues boardering on staff matters are tabled with management, deliberated upon, arguments and superior arguments often first lead to stalemate before resolutions are taken jointly on agreed terms.
In ideal situation when the solidarity of workers came in numerous demands that public service economy and econometrics cannot accommodate, incessant dialogues and dialoguing may end in stalemates but yet shedding of weights and burdens with human face.

Labour education is very low in many of public service categories in Nigeria just as labour matters and public servants’ past, today and in the future are subject to whims and caprices of many politicians.

Those who by accident of positions they occupy scatter and shatter policies, policy formulations and implementations to such a derailment of public service in Nigeria of today.

The moment religious, tribal, ethnocentric sentiments find incursion into anything politics in Nigeria ,every other issue goes political.
With politicians and their politics, no credible policies are pursued in public service without political consideration, party leanings and other nonsensical attributes of shame and pride and bloating of egos.

Further to the aforementioned is the i non repentance on the part of political stalwarts always offering bread of sorrow to all and sundry.

Similarly, many of our labour leaders merely galvanize solidarity movements to get on the ladder, ascend in hierarchies, placate service to their members through trumpets of agitation and when through overt and covert means are given “pot of soup” simply forget their agitations.

Of course, by their fruits we have known them.
As Kaduna now seems boiling over agitations and the counter of it, inorder to reduce the stem of accidenting the lives of already poverty stricken public servants now allegedly slated for mortuary of sorrow, I think the governor needs be more humane, humble, and dump caustic approach to human management against current posture of animal husbandry.
In the same token, the Ayuba Waba etal should also realise the need to marry facts and realities of economic indices and paradigms as template for what number of public servants could be retained in terms of productivity and sustainability of the state.

All in all, no matter what position anybody finds himself or herself today, be one highly or lowly placed , every mortal flesh is mere a mortal and has no further executive power, affluence or any special insulation beyond the sanctuary of stinking but drargonian maggots,flies and putrid Waterloo in death.

Already there is too much bloodshed especially in Kaduna State and also many parts of Nigeria.
The lives of many are getting too blood stained thus necessitating daily prayers for Almighty Allah’s forgiveness, mercy and unadulterated just justice according to how we deal with fellowman.

Think About It.
God Bless Nigeria.

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