Of Democracy In Comedy Of Tragedy Of Nigeria


When British parliamentary system of government was adopted in Nigeria, the initial hope and adaptations for building a virile sovereignty were truncated by the military juntas in coups and counter coups that later culminated in civil war and subsequently, eras and tenures of the military government in Nigeria.

Resilience of the Nigerian freedom fighters brought about the American presidential system of government which since inception projects nothing more than capitalism and arrays of only the powerful quote and unquote should gain access to political markets and business of politics without conscience as we greatly have today.

Democracy which in earnest connotes power to the people gives only heartaches and tremors and resultant death of everything to the growing population of the populace, wealth and influence to the novaeu rich in politics , power of personalities in Nigeria

In almost and in fact all political parties mingling, mixing and association of powerful men, their ignoble thoughts and words have brought about inimical actions to the ideal practices of democracy in an ideal society which Nigeria seems far from.

Promises are shattering to hopes, lawmaking as law breaking and lawmakers as victims and culprits qualified for guillotine but yet award winners that build bunkers of immunity as their escape routes.

No law in Nigeria catches up with the affluent, the rich, the political mahoganies, the juggernauts in caucuses, the cartels and cabals, yet they dictate tunes and play music that frustrate as their hit squad daze and dazzle, maim and kill the helpless and thus sending the aspirations for a virile nation ablaze.

The economic power and legal tender for average Nigerians are damn in abyss but for lawmakers and allied in the executive, they pay, receive and appropriate, misappropriate corruption beyond human imagination and benefit in largess, dividends and profiteering beyond even what Islamic” haram” greatly detests.

Today, Nigeria our nation faces gravely general atmosphere of insecurity, death comes uninvited, religion and so called holy book dictates are more of avenues to crisis than peace and then we ask where is their professed God when innocent but helpless are being hacked and sent to untimely deaths.?

Politics is “too serious a business to be left solely in the hands of politicians” and so be it for one to sample and hazard in philosophy of being thus asking our politicians , you and I the following :

Is your being in this world, position and religion you profess a benefit or colossal loss to God, Almighty Allah and Creator for creating you?

How many people both close and faraway does your conscience vindicate or victimise you as to thoughts, words and actions you have meted to them as their joy / sadness, happiness/ sorrow, wisdom/ignorance, affluence/ poverty, hope/ hopelessness, including other ingredients that could encourage or discourage about building a virile nation Nigeria?

How noble or ignoble your desires to be whom and what you are and want to continue being if facing the dictates of your conscience, “The Eye of God in the Heart of Man” in the presence of your Creator?

How many people are moaning, regretting, planning or already committing suicides asking God, “Why me” because of the why of you?

Finally,will Nigeria glow in the Light and lofty heights of God or go aflame and be incinerated in the nearest future or one day?

Check in your heart and find your God in there when as politicians as allied democrats you are brewing ambitions to be who you want to be today and tomorrow and please remember time is of essence, transient and encircled in birth and death as you are a replica of today, tomorrow you will surely be no more.

Remember your Creator and His just judgment as you are daily roving, rollicking ,roaming and rolling into twenty years of uninterrupted democratic era when power changed hands from the military to civilians in garbs and luckily enough, both old and new sets of excellencies be sworn into positions and mantles.

The question is what hope for a better Nigeria?
What hope for Nigerians both home and abroad?

Remember the suffering lots, the scatterd and shattered fellow Nigerians.

Prayer is, God Bless Nigeria.

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