Excerpts From The Honest Emir Of Muri By Lasisi Olagunju

For The Records

When you hear a Fulani emir issuing an open threat against a band of Fulani in Buhari’s 2021 Nigeria, please pay attention to detail. The current emir of Muri who succeeded the deposed Tukur has also shown the sterner stuff his caste is made of.

Last week, he chose the moment immediately after Eid-el-Kabir prayers to issue a death threat against his Fulani kinsmen from wherever who live in his forest. He said, shaking: “Our brothers, the nomadic herdsmen (Bororo) from neighbouring countries, you came to us to allow you stay in our forest. We allowed you because you are our brothers. When you came we welcomed you.

We regarded you as fellow Muslims. But the question you must answer is are you Muslims? This is a question we are waiting for you to answer. We deserve to know if you are Muslims. If you are one of us (Muslims) and you decide to stay in the forest, only to kidnap us one by one for ransom, you should stop it because your attitude is not acceptable to Allah. But if you are not Muslims, I want to tell you, like we fought the infidels before, we are ready to fight you with all our strength. So I have given you (Bororo) 30 days to leave my emirate.

If we see any one of you after the expiration of my ultimatum, we will kill him. I am calling on my subjects to know that and be ready to fight or else I will draw the line. We kill him without asking him what he came to do or ask his name or where he comes from.

If we are going to be all killed let it be. If we will all die, let it be. We will not allow bastards to come and kidnap our wives, take them to the forest and rape them or commit adultery with them. In one of the villages, we have the report of a District Head who is conniving with these criminals. He was arrested and granted bail by the police and the people are watching him.

I think such a leader is not supposed to be living among us. Are you crazy to allow such a person to continue to live among you? Listen to me, henceforth any person who is found to be conniving with these criminals, we will go and kill his mother, and other siblings.

For the police, we respect you to do your duty. If you arrest any kidnapper and set him free we are not going to accept that. Our armed youths will be directed to go after the kidnappers. There is no way we can not be free in our homes; and worse, we can not sleep with our two eyes closed.

I am calling on Ardos (leaders of Fulani) to stop these barbaric acts in my emirate because you all know who are carrying out these criminals activities. I want to reiterate that any kidnapper that is set free by the security will not be spared. All those responsible for maintaining peace in my domain should come together to end the menace or we know what to do. Peace be upon you.”

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