Dangerous Twist And Untold Stories Of Arthur Eze Family Feud


The protracted feud between Prince Arthur Eze and his nephews, Princes Olisaebuka Eze and Onyeka Eze, took a dangerous bend last weekend with what many observers regard as an unusual judgement of Interim Forfeiture by an Enugu High Court against the younger Ezes–deductively at the instigation of their embattled oil mogul uncle.

As it will be recalled, the feud within the Eze Family took a dramatic turn three weeks ago when the Arthur Eze nephews shockingly learnt about an Interim Forfeiture Order of their private properties in Enugu through an advertorial placed in The Guardian newspaper on Thursday, July 8, by the EFCC, while the cases between them, EFCC and Arthur Eze were still on-going in Abuja.

According to law experts, the mystery in the interim forfeiture order by Justice I. M. Buba of the Federal High Court, Enugu was that the case was never in the original charges against Princes Olisa and Onyeka Eze by EFCC which was instigated by a personal letter written by Arthur Eze to Mr Mohammed Umar, former Acting Chairman of the anti-graft body, on November 6, 2020.

In this particular instance, the court adjourned the matter for ruling on the Interim Forfeiture brought by the Prosecution (EFCC), through an Exparte Motion to show why the properties of the respondents (Princes Olisa and Onyeka Eze); should be forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria and mandated the Applicant to cause a publication.

It will be recalled that in a swift reaction, the respondents filed an Affidavit and other accompanying processes, challenging the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court sitting in Enugu to entertain the Motion for Forfeiture of Applicants’ properties for non-disclosure of a pending criminal matter at the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja–a gross abuse of court process. The ruling was delivered being the business of the day and the prosecution went ahead to move their Motion for Final Forfeiture.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back, which, of course, many observers of the unfolding drama said exposes the desperation of Arthur Eze to get at his nephews’ at all cost using the EFCC and the Enugu High Court, was the ruling giving for Interim Forfeiture of the legally acquired properties of the younger Ezes last Friday, July 23 by the same Justice I.M. Buba in flagrant neglect of known court processes and judicial procedures in the history of law adjudication in Nigeria. In particular, the other aggravating riddle of last Friday judgement by Justice Buba in Enugu  to many law experts is that none of the properties on the Interim Forfeiture belongs to Arthur Eze and none of them has any link with his Oranto-Atlas Oil Group, rather, they are legitimately acquired properties by Princes Olisa and Onyeka Eze.

As it should be expected, the younger Ezes have already taken steps through their legal counsels to appeal against the judgment of Justice I.M. Buba of Enugu High Court and cause the other Nigerian anti-graft agencies other than the EFCC, to investigate an alleged N50 million under-the-table dealings that allegedly got the unprecedented judgement in favour of the EFCC and Prince Arthur Eze.

The genesis of the Eze family feud was when Princes Olisaebuka Eze and Onyeka Eze, were arrested by the officials of the EFCC on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, as a result of a personal letter Arthur Eze wrote to the then Acting EFCC Chairman of the Anti-graft body on November 6, 2020; alleging breach of trust by his nephews against him and his company finances.

Based on this, they were detained in EFCC custody for more months on trumped-up charges of embezzlement which were never proven in any court of law in Nigeria to date, and, for which An Abuja High Court presided over by Hon. Justice S. B. Belgore awarded ten million naira (N10,000,000) against the EFCC and Prince Arthur Eze “jointly and severally being exemplary damages for flagrant and oppressive contravention of Prince Olisa Eze’s fundamental human rights” on June 23, 2021, by Hon. Justice S. B. Belgore.

From the grapevine, Prince Arthur Eze is currently fighting for his dear life as his entire business have seemingly capsized because of his feud with Princes Olisaebuka Eze and Onyeka Eze, sons of Alfred Eze, his late younger brother, who were a major force in his once-booming oil business across West and Central Africa.

From information by close associates of the embattled oil mogul, the most debilitating of his decisions, which landed him in his current predicament, is an alleged illicit affair with Amaka Lucy Oraka. The woman, who is also alleged to have spiritually bottled up Prince Arthur, is said to currently be the real CEO of his businesses and decision-maker.

Amongst others, Prince Arthur Eze is allegedly responsible for the education of the woman’s two children in Canada and the hospital bills of her father in London hospitals.

This alleged Arthur Eze’s lovebird, who now stays and goes wherever he goes, is said to be the brain behind the oil mogul family feud which has climaxed in his current economic predicament as all his businesses as well as his private jets have been allegedly grounded, making some his own children not to be in talking terms with him.

A source also revealed that as a result of Arthur Eze’s current predicament, he has been surviving on support from financial hand-outs from some of his friends, particularly among the South-East governors.

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