And What About Nigeria?


Whatever Nigeria is, means or should be to you, me and to us all together, this time so stormy and at the same time so apt, for us all to prove our worthiness in “Character and Learning”. Nigeria, whatever it is, is a watershed, a classroom and laboratory for learning, experiences and experimentations of all sorts.

The old and maybe the new electoral process will and shall ever remain a continuum of pre, during and post including the current agitation for a more acceptable one that could measure up with international best practices. Nigeria is one country though like every other nation that would bring to the fore, the reality and the conscious interplay of 3Gs, Government, Governance and the Governed and the 3 Ps, Personalities, Policies and Politics. Government is a composite of political parties, the party in power, oppositions and allied appendages.

Governance is the why, how and mode of administration, the templates and policy guidelines in place. The governed include you and I and our numerous, how we get ourselves involved or/and non-involved in government and governance. Personalities play a plethora of roles nobly and ignobly in policy matters inherent in politics, government, governance and the governed.

We, all, individually and collectively are responsible for how good or worse Nigeria is to our past, present and future. Since man is always the architect and problems of fate, fortune and misfortune, hence, and invariably too, must be responsible for solutions to man’s myriad of problems.

In politics , our renowned sage, mystic philosopher and Rosicrucian, Chief Obafemi Awolowo has this to say of human characters in political terrain. “I have never considered myself as having a monopoly of wisdom but the trouble is, when those in position of rulership and leadership are in clubs, mingling with men of shady character and women of easy virtues, I, and people of like minds are in our rooms , thinking about the problems of Nigeria and how to find solutions to them.”

He noted and concluded , “Only the Deep can call to the Deep”.

Can we then, in all honesty, deny money bags messing up the political terrain, their ambition, inordinate ambition and live to kill in very corrupted manners thus equally making followers, highly corruptible? Nigeria by these and other matters has been daily smeared and Nigerians, like a leprous, detested everywhere thus thinking only foreign countries like America, Britain, Canada and what have you have solutions to our problems.

We dig and sink under their auspices, they talk, vituperate, dictate and shit hole us all like a filthy sepulchre. If only we would cling, adapt and adopt the golden thoughts and local content in the injunction of our one and another mystic sage, a mystic philosopher Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, Owelle of Onitsha, Nigeria, surely would be a better place to live in and a barometer of political and economic advancement.

This, his golden admonition on 1st of October, 1963, the day of Nigeria’s attainment of a Federal Republic is sure a clarion call and master key to all boxes requiring our individual visible and invisible Personal Voters Card.

According to the beloved, in whose message my heart daily clings, election or no election:

“To no Person, no matter how Rich, should We Mortgage our Conscience.
To no Nation, no matter how Powerful, should We Mortgage our Independence.”

On this note, by this dictate and, for whatever reason, election or no election as 2023 fast approaches including whatever efforts at its repositioning, the prayer is, God Bless Nigeria.

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